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Cerebral Enema's

The deliberate use of focused attention - Questioning process,  upon ALL conflicting emotional disturbances that create Anxiety , doubt, FEAR.

Announce coming events

The next scheduled event is sometime in March at 1pm


Change is not done from an arm chair.   

The Bait and Switch

Being blessed enough to have a good eye and a clear mind capable of understanding, what is obvious and plainly visible, as the sun rising each day and falling at sun set… I can not ignore the brutal Dis-Inform-Ation which is bloated and spread like manure in our faces, hour by hour minute by minute drowning our attention in a mire of Theatre, stealing the most important resource…TIME!!!!.  

Private sessions

One on one time is the best method of addressing the issues


The fee is $100/hour


what is a C.E.?

Ans: getting ones life clean of hand me down family BS program conditioning.

does it hurt?

It can be very uncomfortable... for a period of time.

what are the benefits?

getting rid of toxic mental debris... is always beneficial !!!



The question for all of humanity really is... ARE WE READY TO OPEN ANOTHER PANDORA'S BOX? We can see the effect of pollution and destabilization of the eco system upon the planet by the GREED driven psychopaths?  reeking havoc with our weather patterns and they are very clearly indication a PROBLEM!

Do we really have the luxury of creating any more disasters on a global scale?

How long will we run in the face of death before we wake up and realize that we are connected to the planet and its environment? 

Once and for all we must open our eyes!

We are ALL occupants, or ‘prisoners’ for a short while, on the life raft called EARTH”. 

Its true ancient name ‘TERRA NOVA’ is a self-sustaining, completely closed loop, symbiotic, co-existing, eco-system biosphere.

All ORGANIC life is BALANCED and fueled on a thread of sunlight, the sacred chemical triangle Hydrogen/Carbon/Oxygen is powered by the light of the Sun. (Just add light and stir)”.ŊŦ 

Our ignorant actions and ignorance of the natural laws, which govern and sustain the whole biological system on earth, have never and shall never go by without GROSS distortions to the balance of life on earth. We once believed we could simply dump all of our pollution somewhere and we would never see any of the repercussions of our actions…

Now we are living with air filtration, water filtration, food irradiation, pasteurization, genetic engineering and the problems are becoming paramount. Will we blindly continue to poison ourselves and really believe that genetic engineering will be our saving grace? I hope not…

The challenge with all 'ASSUMPTIONS' like, that Genetics or Jesus or some space brothers or little gray guys or ???? will simply fix it, or hand over 'a thing', widget, or wave a magic hand that will instantly change ‘OUR OWN’ created predicament (because of "GREED") is absolutely absurd, it has never happened before and very likely (100%) that it will not happen this time.

Our actions speak for us, I need not remind anyone that to date, we still globally employ territorial warfare upon our own species, we kill one another for profit and status, lie, cheat, steal, and horde very thing needlessly, and we indiscriminately pollute the very water we rely upon for life... SO as to the hoopla... Please... Don't hold your breath... our actions speak louder than words!

Stop the non-sense...

The kind of technology which we need today is individual human based compassion and understanding based on logic, not machinery in order to create more technologically based human slavery... sorry..

Otherwise the only real solution, which will self evidently coming to pass, with the global problem, is the realization of extinction of the human race.

So far NO individual country, government, group or person has changed the present direction in which humanity is going… Unless we, the whole of humanity, use all our developed communication systems and skills to immediately start resolving the problems at hand… 

Politics and politicians are ALL a red herrings when it comes to the problem at hand…

Time…it is a very precious commodity; and the pursuit of gross wealth and power at the expense of everything and everyone has brought us blindly to this brink of true extinction.

Lets start to communicate as one human species and stop trying to fleece, swindle and rip off every one for a buck!!!! The ‘one’ with the most ‘shit’ does not win…SORRY!

OH … YES… of coarse… the banks must make billions of dollars profit while the whole human race goes impoverished into extinction!!! I SEE THE LOGIC IN THIS! (What world did they come from???)

Remember this absolute guarantee, "The Hurst you'll be driven in, to your final resting place, WILL NOT COME WITH A ROOF RACK FOR THE MONEY! Sorry, You really can't take it with you, and neither can your children ( if they survive).

Peace, love and granola bars,

A Tesla Disciple