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Eliphas Levi 

“No one should start thoughtlessly down the path of the arcane sciences, for once he starts he must persevere to the goal. 

Otherwise, he will be lost. Once on the path, a single doubt will produce madness, a single stop will cause a fall, a single attempt to shrink back will plunge the luckless soul into a bottomless abyss.

You who are now beginning to read this book will be either a king or a madman once you have finished. You can do what you want to with it; you will never hate or forget it. If your heart is pure, it will be a shining torch; if your heart is strong, it will be a weapon in your hand. If your heart is wise, it will become still wiser. But if your heart is base, this book will be hellfire to you; it will brand your soul and weigh your conscience with eternal sorrow and restlessness.”
--Eliphas Levi 

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Welcome to real-ity?



The definition:

A govern-mentally engineered, developed and approved system of absurdity, mental conditioning, poverty mentality, scarcity, greed, racism, religious bigotry, and out right aggression for anything appearing to be outside the set of approved conditions.

Muggles: can not understand simple truth.. their minds have been totally conditioned and are Hollyweired and Googlized to not hear anything which resembles truth...It freaks them out and makes them react violently defending their servitude like religious zealots...They are unable to remain conscious and present to what is obvious

This training, is conducted from K through 12 and into all colleges and university's around the world (so don't feel bad no one stood a chance of avoiding it.)

So as to instill fraudulent and dis informative information designed to confuse and distort reality to appear reasonable and logical to the indoctrinated mind of the citizen.

Example: Black is white, upside down is right side up, pigs fly, and Satan clause loves small children to sit on his lap, gives out candy for Easter.

The antidote to Mugglism

The first step to undo the years of school and religious indoctrination and societal dumbing down..

Step one: CEASE ALL consumption of alcohol ( Al Kool Hall) – its a poison designed to annihilate the brain cells and therefore render the victim to be incapacitated and free of cognitive functioning.

Step two: stop eating things called food which are nothing more than synthetic chemical goops and creams fabricated in labs to appear and smell like real food found in nature. These so called man made food monstrosities are the number ONE reason for ALL diseases and mental confusion.

Step three: stop consuming chemicals which are derived from Petroleum products (black goo) this black alchemy is the true definition of insanity. All of the byproducts formed from the black goo is lethal. Pharmacological concoctions are nothing more than toxic compounds which poison the biology. 

Step four: never inject any foreign substance into the body, this is critical to understand consciousness, anything which has been modified by human interaction is harmful to the bodies innate intelligence which is more complex that the best super computer. The body contains millions of years of data stored in the DNA which can be corrupted by this ignorant intervention.

Step five: stop exposing your self to the massive emotional distress that media, news, and any sources produce which fixates upon DEATH, DESTRUCTION, DIS-EASE, CHAOS etc... This has been show to be the single biggest immune suppression influence to human beings, hence the mental function suppression by entertainment.

Step six: get that EMF exposure under control, the wonder gadget that tracks your; every move, purchase , conversation, etc... you carry around like your second brain is literally killing you slowly. It has an amazing ability to gain your trust and replace real people, and in exchange it poisons your cells and cuts up your DNA which makes it difficult if not impossible for you to heal. All the while further reducing your cognitive functions like memory, and emotional maturity. But hey addictions are interesting.

Step seven: Eliminate the unnecessary exposure to additional toxic EMF's, shut off the WIFI, this little device which looks so innocent and harmless is part of the bigger plan to weaken every-bodies immunity, the toxic energy these devices emit is accumulative... this means with time biology is damaged...just ask any woman who has been carrying her cell phone in her bra if its got a sore lump in that spot.

Step eight: begin to detox your body, then detox your mind, then choose who you want to show up as in your life.

If this hits your awake button...

you know what to do, take the blue pill

If this pisses you off...

walk away and take the red pill…